Thank you for choosing to participate in “Love Letters From My Soul to Yours”

Thank you for choosing to receive “Love Letters From My Soul to Yours”.

It is a beautiful gift to amplify love and gratitude together!

While it is a pleasure to share love generically, it is a joy to know you so that I may customize the message of the letters for you.

The purpose of the following questions is simply for me to receive and understand the essence of you, and your purpose for requesting these letters.  

Please take the time to answer as thoroughly as you wish.  Upon completion of this form, please return it to me.  If I have further questions, I will ask; otherwise you will receive your letter at the specified time.

Please note: there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to complete this…I honor presence to organic growth within unfolding, which simply means, I shall honor your creative expression and hold in highest regard all that you choose to share…and each letter will be created and perfectly placed, as it is meant to be.

May you feel ease, refreshment, joy, and love in this process.  

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Much peace and abundant love,