Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in the complimentary one week email clarity session; a powerful tool that will enable you to receive insights and reflections to use to create within your life. 

Email clarity sessions are unlike any other experience, as you will see.  Email clarity allows you to ponder much and stream to me as frequently as you wish.  This format gives you the option to write at any time, multiple times a day.  This option allows me to sift through these words and find Truth in it all.  Email clarity may be a powerful tool if you allow it to be (as may any other tool be).  

Some clients feel they are intruding with the volume of emails or time of day they write..even if you send me 30 emails in one day, I check in during one session, so volume and time do not affect my part at all.  It works best if you feel you may stream to me thoughts as they arise, and if you allow your self to invest energy into the process.  The first email might feel comfortable to you, might feel foreign; it’s amazing if you may release labels, and mind… and stream from your heart..Please let me know how the first email feels to you as you write it..
Many clients find that they are able to be most transparent using this email format.  During this journey, we may identify barriers or blocks to flow, we may find Truth..whatever we find,  I will reflect directly to you.  I reflect in transparency, simplicity, and peace.  

If you may please complete the following survey to the best of your ability, it will maximize our time together; instead of concentrating on generic we may process details together. 

Upon receipt of this form, you will receive a confirmation email that will begin our weekly session.   

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