Thank You: Illumination of Expression!

Thank you for purchasing an illumination of expression..a potent combination of a fourteen-day clarity email session, two 30-minute Skype (or phone) consultations, and two 30-minute distance energy sessions.

First we will create a container of safety, then together we will journey to your core–as deep as you allow your self, and me, to go.  During this journey, we may identify barriers or blocks to flow, we may find Truth..whatever we find,  I will reflect directly to you.  I reflect in transparency, simplicity, and peace.

If you may please complete the following questionnaire to the best of your ability, it will maximize our time together; instead of concentrating on generic we may process details together.

When you return this questionnaire, you will receive an email from me with 48 hours, with details custom to your vision.

Please click here to download your questionnaire: Getting to Know You.

I look forward to walking these few steps together!

Much peace and abundant love,