Thank you: One-Day Personal Empowerment Session

Thank you for purchasing a one-day personal empowerment session package.

Your purchase includes: one written response to your intake survey, three 30-minute phone/Skype calls (preferably a few hours apart – one in the morning, evening and following morning or one in the evening, morning and following evening) and one written follow up from each call.  This package also gives you full access to email clarity for that 24-hour period – meaning you may email as much as you would like and I will provide up to three written responses and also email and/or text affirmation in that 24-hour period. (The timing and flow of email clarity is dependent upon your participation and response and is best determined during the session.).

To begin: 

Please complete this intake survey: Getting to Know You.

When you complete and return this intake survey to me at,  I will respond to you within 24 hours. At that time, I will also check your availability for the phone/Skype session. Please note that phone sessions are only available within the US (international calls use Skype).

I invite you to celebrate each step as you take them – as it relates to your session, you have read the information page, purchased a session, and now will be completing your intake survey. That is quite a few ‘open doors’!

I look forward to receiving your survey and working together!

Much peace and abundant love,