Present to Possibility in the Gap of Grace


There is a space between the place that you were and no longer wish to be and the place where heart and mind are focused upon getting to, but you are not quite “there”.

Because we are consistently growing, we naturally end up in this space between.

Many of us whom practice presence, unfolding, do inner work to open / release / embrace / create / live the life of our dreams – end up in this space between quite often.

When this space is unfamiliar, we tend to naturally resist – pushing through it, jumping over it – and we feel pain, stress, overwhelm, struggle.

We create and connect and show up and practice but we don’t see external results so we give up because we feel disheartened.

Then we don’t wish to be in this space ever again, because our experience is it hurts, so we stop trying. Exhausted and drained, we quit. 

I invite you to consider a different way: to purposely sit and be in this space – exploring the concept of presence to organic growth, with grace. 

Because what you want to feel is peace, joy, abundance, infinite possibility.  You want to know that your thoughts and actions matter.

You can have that affirmation in this gap of grace when you allow that gap to become familiar space to you.

When this space is familiar your body no longer resists so when you choose to center into the space it feels refreshing and enlivening.

As you continue to experiment with *being*, your movements are “easier”, you share and receive abundance, your creative expressions flow and you feel possibility (physically and energetically).

When you invite grace into this gap, what you feel is akin to warm blanket on a chilly evening – an element of energy that feels enriching and enlivening.  You feel comfortable as you learn to *be*, which allows you to *be* peacefully.

When we attempt to skip over this space, we are losing the opportunity for transparent connection.  This gap of grace is something rarely discussed, because one often feels vulnerable sharing from a space that feels like “less than perfect”.  

We perpetuate the myth of perfection, by showing up only when we feel external is “perfect”. 

May we learn to celebrate each step as we take it, appreciating the gap of grace as we are in it.

Class Format

The next session will run from November 17 – November 30, 2013.

You will receive one prompt daily via email at 5a (PDT).

You will receive an invitation to join a closed Facebook forum group people can see who is in the group, but can only see the posts and comments if they are in it).

The intention of this class is to provide a daily prompt and a group forum to explore the gap of grace. 

You may post your words and/or photo on the Gap of Grace Facebook page (as many words and photos as you wish!).

Registration Details

Registration (with a 20% discount) is open through November 19, 2013.

If you would like to register now, you may do so here:  Registration for the Gap of Grace – $30.00.

There are two steps to registration: payment and adding your name to the student roster. After payment is complete, you will receive a prompt to add your name to the student roster.

You will receive your first prompt November 17, 2013. If you register after the 17th, you will receive your first prompt within 24 hours.


I love sharing with you the voices of those who inspire me on my journey.  

The energy of grace and the experience of moving through the gap has a depth and range that, to me, feels wonderful when explored through different perspectives.  I am including reflections from a few of my peers (this list will be updated through August 2nd).

Guest Collaborators

Vanessa Anstee – Vanessa

Alyson Earl – Alyson

Jenny Griffin – The Power of Change

Manal Ghosain – One With Now

Carolyn Hughes – The Hurt Healer

Ivy Landsman-SlevinFacebook link (must be signed into FB)

Lana Mullaney – Holistic Therapist

Joshua Rivedal – The Gospel According to Josh: A 28-Year Gentile Bar Mitzvah

Jen Trulson – Create a Life You Love: Mind, Body, Soul

May I Enroll in Class if I Don’t Want to Share in the Forum?

A consistent question I receive from prospective students considering this journey is:

What if I don’t want to share my thoughts or connect in the forum–may I still enroll in this class? 

Yes! – and this is why: the class is written with presence to unfolding, progressing from the beginning steps of stepping into the space, exploring the feel of *being* there.

If one simply receives the prompts and contemplates the meaning and feel of each concept, there is potential to learn presence to grace in the gap.

If you choose not to experience the added depth of connecting through creative process, and of sharing affirmations of  that process with others, you will still be “experiencing the gap of grace”, and if you change your mind during the session, you may always connect in the forum.


While there is no formal coaching in this program, I do weave energetic and principles into all that I practice and share.  I fully understand that each prompt, and this entire process of “exploring the gap of grace”, is an exercise in trust-building and faith.

The daily prompts are suggestions to keep the class on a similar theme for that day. The Facebook group is a place for sharing and affirming, not critiquing quality and content, but to visually see and feel that which others wish to share.


There are currently two full scholarships available.  I will update this status as registration continues.

If you are interested in receiving or providing a scholarship, please email me at


There is a no-refund policy on this class.

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises.  Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to The Gap of Grace you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.


I am so excited!

Your presence is vital to the energy and existence of this forum.  I appreciate your choice to walk a few energetic steps together and I very much look forward to all that you have to share!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Linger. Savor. Relish.