The Gift of Presence Affirmation Course- Thank You!

Thank you for taking the initiative to cultivate presence through this “Gift of Presence Affirmation” e-course!

If you haven’t already downloaded your complimentary PDF version of “Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance” please click the title to download it.  The class material is based upon the concepts in this guide.

This photo is your first invitation to explore: the concept of infinite possibility as reality.

By choosing to vest your presence, you are in essence declaring to Source that you are open to enlivening and enriching.  (An invitation for you to look into your life to identify where you choose to vest your presence, and what does that affirm?)

May I ask you to consider:

What does infinite possibility mean to you? What does infinite possibility feel like to you? (As you move through your day, may you let your mind contemplate it as your heart opens to it).

“What do you think” and “how does it feel” are two questions that I will ask you to consider throughout this study.

May you recognize that your thoughts and feelings may change daily…so the answers may surprise you.  As you observe the reality of fluidity in your expressions, may you honor flow with your willingness to experiment and explore.

This photo is taken at one of my favorite spots on the local beach…as I walk on the path between the dunes, I can see the ocean and off in the distance are our backyard islands (for perspective, this is Southern California).  Far beyond those islands, many nautical miles away, is Hawaii.  One could potentially sail from this port to Hawaii, and many do sail this route in a race called the Trans-Pac.

While that seems unfathomable to some, to others it is a way of life.  When I stand in this spot, my feet in the sand, my eyes scanning the ocean, and I think of the Trans-pac, and how many people that I personally know who have sailed it, infinite possibility becomes quite real to me.

Is there a tangible something in your life, similar to this spot in mine, that reminds you of the vastness of experience?

Each time that you receive an email for this course, and choose to process the information, may you please hold the vision of your personal reminder of infinite possibility.

If you have comments or questions, please hit reply.

Tomorrow you will receive the affirmation for day one in your in-box.  Please look for it, and be sure to check your spam folder just in case it made its way there.

Much peace,