It is a joy–a great pleasure!–to hear your story, the “best part” of your day,  your heart whispers, whatever it is you would like to share about your most current creation!  Your story, your bliss, your creations inspire my own, motivate me within my own life, fill my heart with gratitude at the ability to connect and to create in our own individual ways.  I love the concept of creating individually, then sharing within community (this site is an amazing foundation for that).

To honor my personal passion for creating a vibrant community of like-minded people and to get to know you outside of these static online pages, I am offering a series of events called meetups.  These events are an informal forum for us to connect through the practice of transparency and gratitude as we share our individual “facets”.  This allows us to relate beyond a mere gravatar image and a few words; so that we become “real people” sharing vibrant energy, insights, and ideas.  Please bring your laughter, your curiosity, your *unique self* (and money to cover your refreshments).  I value your presence within this community: all who attend the meetup event will receive access to various original “Facets of Joy” material and will be entered into a drawing to receive a free one month email clarity session ($110 value).


Example of a Meetup Agenda

[ Download ]  (PDF, 249 kb)


“The moon, low in the pre-dawn sky, was encased in Earth’s shadow; the roar of the ocean filled the air. As the moon reached a full lunar eclipse, the waves of noise subsided and there was stillness; the real felt present. Joy’s meetup was a lot like that, a moment of calm in the sea of life’s noise, where human beings could open up and not only share, but also be heard. Powerfully refreshing, an invitation to be yourself.” – Raam Dev

Meetup Details

Details for each event and the entire meetup calendar are available when you sign up through Facets of Joy Meetup Group.

I look forward to “See-ing” you at the next meet-up!

Speaking Engagements

My way of life is a unique blend of “The Building Blocks of the Facets of Joy”.  It is my pleasure to share insights, reflections, and practical tips that I use as I create within my personal life.  I stand in Truth and create boldly while I use Fear to motivate me rather than allow it to paralyze me. When I speak to your group, I bring with me my expertise, my peace filled core, and my vibrant energy.  An experience that will leave you with overflowing gratitude for being you and creating as you do, and resources that will spark your imagination, raise your vibration, and fill you with healing energy to apply as you wish.

Please click here I would like Joy to speak at my next event for more information about hiring me to speak.

Transformational Magic Conference

Coming soon to a city near you.  Location and date to be announced March 2012.