Walking at Water’s Edge

Each night, I walk at water’s edge.

I began this practice seven years ago.  Newly separated from a marriage of ten years, about to be a single mother of two young children, I took my broken heart to the beach.

It was so difficult to believe in the miracle of love, but the magic presented through each evening’s sunset reminded me of the magnificent glory of all that my entire being knew to be true.

I would breathe in ocean, and all of the tears I held in throughout the day would just fall, and I would let them.

I walked and then I remembered one cannot cry while running, so I ran.  Miles and miles.  As a runner, my goal had always been to run a certain distance.  In those moments, my goal was quite simply to outrun the pain, however long that took.

Eventually, my steps were once again full of joy and praise. My evening sunset walks were prayers of gratitude and love.  I lingered, relishing all that was being presented, accepting the nightly invitation to open my heart ever further.

As I walked at water’s edge last night, the sky too overcast for a sunset photo, wind howled, ocean surged, and I felt the power inviting me to run.

So, I did.

Symbolic. Running, alone–just Joy and Source (and yes, energetic connections world-wide) over dunes in the darkness.  Having lost almost everything externally in this past year that a person could lose–each step I take now is one of complete faith.

I can vision and create and connect, but all I really have is hope and faith that each step matters, completely, and will bring into my life replacements for all that we lost (consistent grocery money and a home for starters).

That I have heart whispers, and can send them to the moon, thrills me, because it means I have hope and faith, and that– along with gratitude and love– truly can move mountains.

(I know this to be true, because I have lived it).

Miracles happen, each and every day…when we believe they are possible and we are open to receiving them.

This moment is a miracle, love is a miracle; the ability we have to enjoy and celebrate this moment with love is a miracle. 

If we can release our expectations and allow the miracle of love in this moment to be “enough” we can feel enough, and from that space everything truly is possible.

A new reader recently wrote within a reflection that they were looking into my life thinking how easy it must be to be me in these “perfect conditions”.

I smile.  My heart smiles.

This, the year I created Facets, was also the year in which I externally lost everything a person could lose.  I wish that was an understatement.

I walk at water’s edge with gratitude in my heart, thrilled that sunset invites me to keep opening ever further, because the alternative of numbing my heart wouldn’t allow me to cultivate presence as I do. On the nights it is “just” Source and I and my mind remembers the steps I had taken with Love physically walking beside me and tears well up, I am delighted to give it to Source to transform to the beautiful photos and messages that I share in myriad ways (most recently through “A Daily Whisper“).

So, I share this with you here, because if I tell you love makes everything possible, it sounds very woo-woo and pollyana (both of which I am at times). But if I show you, you begin to believe it and you step out in your own life….out of your comfort zone into something that brings a depth of peace, joy, gratitude to your life.

The truth is that in these moments, for my children, I wish that I knew where we would live in the new year.  I wish that I had presents to share with them and money for activities over holiday break.  I wish this year had been different for them externally, but I know with certainty it had to be exactly as it was for me.

In the instances when “not enough” rises, I center into faith, and I recognize that I might not have presents to share with them this year but what I do have is the gift of presence.

(I share this with you because maybe you, like myself, don’t have much external, but I would love for you to look internal, and celebrate what is there…or maybe you have wonderful abundance, may you then feel amplified gratitude for it).

When I watch my son at aerial class and my daughter learn to barrel race, I know with certainty I have taught them to live their dreams,  regardless of apparent obstacles.

When my son asked me after the Sandy Hook tragedy what did I say online? And I answered “Be Love, always.” and he nodded, with a smile, I know with certainty I have taught them the power of  unconditional love.

When my son hand balances on the rocks at the jetty and my daughter looks into the mirror and sees a reflection of strength and possibility, I know with certainty I have taught them the joy of physical movement and play.

When we sing car karaoke on the drive to school and laugh and tell jokes on the way home, I know with certainty I have taught them to celebrate and enjoy connection.

When I create materials and prep for my 2013 offline class “Cultivating a Conscious Conversation”, I know with certainty it is only possible because I chose to “walk my talk”.


So, yes, I walk at water’s edge, and my heart whispers, fragile, delicate hopes and dreams…rise…inspiring the bold steps of today.  In faith.  With Love.  It’s truly all I have.

When we choose to collaborate with Love, magic happens.

My intent with this article is to share light and love, may that message amplify which is already in your life. I wish for you to experience the feel of abundant love, joy, and magic, as you connect and create through this holiday season and year-end activities and festivities.

Much peace  and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore. Experience.

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