When Do You Have Time to Meet Me?

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He emailed one line:

*When do you have time to meet me?*



If your eyes are going to light up when I enter the room and I can feel you are genuinely delighted to see me…

If you tenderly take my hand into yours as you fold me into a hug and kiss my forehead…and I can feel the warmth in it all….

If you sit down next to me and tell me a story from your day – one that ultimately engages my mind because I adore the way you craft words into stories….

and if my laughter at your punchline sparks your laughter….

So you are inspired to share another story…one that my heart whispers respond to by untangling from fear – and soaring to moon…..and passion stirs and I begin to remember that everything truly is possible because I live it…and magic is very real indeed… and I spin it joyfully, effortlessly for world, because it’s fun and I can…this moment is only possibly because I believed it to be…

…and all of *that* unlocks the door to my creative expression, which lights my face…wonder and awe and pure joy at sharing space with you…so when I look at you with desire…I want to know what you taste like and feel like and I want you to trace forgiveness and love and grace into my curves with your fingertips and your tongue…I want to know what it’s like to be held in love within your embrace…and I want to explore your body in all of the ways that bring you pleasure…then to invite you to find that sweet spot on my neck and ever so gently bite into it…because you want to…you want nothing more than to hear my moans of pleasure and I want nothing more than to see your expression as I feel you within (will you allow me to see you?)….and to feel all that you wish to share with me….

And I see all of that reflected back to me in your own gaze…as you lean in to kiss me…

Then, shoot…I have all of the time in world to meet you.

Otherwise, I’m quite busy. <3

Much peace and abundant love,