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You have a heart with the capability to love fully and joyfully experiencing wonder, beauty, awe, peace, with gratitude.

You have a soul with the ability to seek, explore and celebrate truth, ever-evolving as you continue to seek and explore.

You have talents, abilities, desires and passion bursting forth wishing for creative expression in myriad mediums.

You have the gift of this moment in which to devote full presence to loving, exploring, and creating.

Experiencing the Power of Presence

I am a heart healer, clarity facilitator and practitioner of presence. I provide resources and services that invite you to explore, and experiment with, the power of presence.

If you haven’t met me yet, you might want to read about my purpose.

I am quite laid-back, very open, and I love sharing about presence, love, and gratitude because these concepts have enlivened, dare I say *changed* my entire life…and I know that when you choose to explore these principles and apply them to your creations and connections, you will feel freedom, peace, joy.  

My style isn’t for everyone.  I am an enthusiastic lover of life.  I find the beauty in the moment and I celebrate it–regardless of whatever else is in the moment.  I resonate with love and gratitude and I feel and see the Light in everything.  I have a gentle manner, yet I am daring with my being…and yours.

If you would like to know more about the gift of presence, as far as a brief introduction, a complimentary guide, and my personal story, please follow this link: Sharing the Gift of Presence to Magnify Your Inner Brilliance.

I blend presence, accountability, affirmation, clarity together to encourage and inspire you in whatever space you would like to enhance and enliven.

Testimonial: “Joy will lead you to the deepest part of yourself, your deepest heart space.

Then she will encourage you to trust that you can open that space up to the world and be your full and true self because that is where your real life exists.

She can lead the way, because that is how she is choosing to be present in the world.” -Jean S. (artist)

Personal sessions

The feel of personal sessions is a bit different from the classes.

Still full of love and light..however, you are choosing to work with me to move you through a “stuck space” and/or into a new space.

Time is precious and I don’t wish for you (or I) to waste it…I don’t do well with sh**…and I cut right through layers and barriers and excuses really don’t fit in personal sessions.

You are vesting time, energy, and money and I want you to feel the “reward” of gently stretching into expansion, of feeling peace, right now, as you are, right where you are.

Knowing that, we are a good fit, if you:

  • are stuck and have a deep desire to move through this space
  • love the feel of exploration and are open to moving into new spaces (energetically and physically)
  • are open to vesting in practices that will enrich and enliven your connection/creation/situation
  • committed to vesting your time and presence to the process
  • love life and the process of creating and connecting

To find out more information about personal sessions, please follow this link:

 Personal Sessions  I offer personal sessions combining clarity and energetic movement to expand upon the principles of presence. Together, we customize tools and resources as you practice the application of the gift of presence to a specific area, connection, or creation (or to your life in general).  One-day, one-week, two-weeks, and a one-month package are available.


If you would prefer a light immersion into the celebration of infinite possibilitythis ebook offers the opportunity to explore presence.

A Celebration of Your Presence is available as an affordable, downloadable PDF. $3.99

Love Letters

Love Letters From My Soul to Yours – custom letters addressing your current life’s circumstances containing a potent elixir of love and gratitude.


How To Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Spots with Grace – (complimentary) – a  downloadable PDF exploring the concepts of forgiveness, grace, empowerment, and presence.

Connecting with Me

I *love* conversation and connection.  However, I must warn you,  I don’t do well with “surface”; I promised myself several years ago to honor transparency in my connections (which does not mean “rude”, but does mean direct).

Because I work online, I don’t have an office environment with a “water cooler”; what I love is the connection available through Skype.  If you are interested in a Skype conversation to say hello, introduce yourself, speak a bit, simply complete the form below and let me know.

I look forward to walking a few steps together!  If you have any questions, please email me: 

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Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.