The Sanctuary of You: Understanding and Appreciating Your Body as a Sacred Container

The next session of class will run from December 1 – December 30, 2015. 

I created this audio to give you a better understanding of the Concept and Benefits of Creating an Energetic Sacred Container in Different Areas of Life:

The body is your only home in the universe.

It is your house of belonging here in this world. — John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

Let’s look into this for a moment, releasing judgment and opening to awareness and understanding:

In today’s society, it’s very common, and often celebrated, to force your body into and through spaces that feel constricted and painful. (The whole ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger mentality.’)

Many people withhold nourishment and rest until their work is complete but their to-do list is endless so joy and peace are wished for and sometimes experienced on vacation, rarely in daily life. Rest is often frowned upon. The preferred method of healing are numbing agents and activities.

In general, people want to look and move a certain way; when their body doesn’t comply with this vision they invest tons of time, energy, money, resources to fit their body into this mold, often becoming discouraged and losing faith (in Source, life and world) along the way.

Sometimes the words one uses toward their body are full of anger, hatred, criticism, despair.

I understand. Anyone reading has personally experienced some of this.

At base, what most people wish to experience in life is a feeling of comfort and safety in a space of love and appreciation.  

Perhaps you can understand that it is challenging (almost impossible) to feel comfortable and safe, to receive in love and appreciation if the container we are receiving into isn’t in alignment with that. 

(For example, if you are holding your body in disgust and contempt, you most likely will find it challenging to receive love into your space – in the form of compliments, money, heart connections that are delightful – and are most likely not feeling great about sharing your presence in any manner that is enriching.)

The container isn’t ‘broken’ but your thoughts and feelings about the container may make it appear to be so. 

(People wonder how I was able to stay in abuse for so much of my life and why money blocks were prevalent in my life – I couldn’t receive into my space more than the *not enough* I felt. Only after I began honoring my body as a sacred container could I open to set and honor boundaries in resonance with love, receive in abundance and live infinite possibility. It’s a practice of presence, one intentional thought, step, moment of awareness and understanding at a time.)

Your body houses your spirit, moves you around world, is the vehicle you chose to inhabit when you chose to visit Earth. 

When you consider your body as a sacred container, you allow your personal energy to inhabit that space, with peace, joy and love (instead of wishing to be anywhere but in your body). Bringing that enriching energy into your body *naturally* heals wounds and draws into your space all that resonates with enrichingoften including abundance and genuine heart connections. 

When you honor your physical body as a sacred container, you:

  • lovingly, ‘easily’ provide nourishment on all levels;
  • delight in physical movement that builds strength and flexibility;
  • invite Source energy into your body (instead of meeting Source energy ‘out there’ on the yoga mats or in church/temple);
  • are very care-filled about where you place your body and whom you share your energy with;
  • understand that your presence is a gift and share your talent and creative expressions with joy.

When you understand the physical and energetic components of your body, including your body’s *natural*, physical reactions, that awareness increases your ability to:

  • choose foods and movements that nourish your being;
  • listen to your body’s pain receptors and use these messages to re-establish peace in your being, regardless of external circumstances;
  • center into, and celebrate, deeper connection;
  • open to receive in abundance;
  • live infinite possibility (meaning synchronicity and manifesting);
  • explore new paths and depth and range on current path.

Simply reading these words, you can see and feel how empowering, how joyful, this idea and practice of honoring your body as a gift – as a sacred container – truly is. 

Please note: While I will ask you to look at patterns in your life to understand their presence, this class is not about intensive inner work, nor is it therapy. It is an invitation to center into love and appreciation for your physical being and essence energy.

The gift of presence is one of the greatest gifts we can share – let’s share that gift with ourselves so that what we then share with world is from a centered space of whole-body wellness.

Although the materials I share in this class are specifically about your body as a sacred container, you may also apply the concepts to any area of life. I use the idea of a sacred container in my relationships, home, bank account, creative expressions, and in various ways as I move through my day.

The Concept of a Sacred Container

A sacred container is a space of unconditional love, gratitude and acceptance that has a foundation and boundaries. We can choose what energies we wish to occupy that space. We feel comfortable and safe in this sacred container so can fully rest our beings and refresh our energy.

We feel free to explore depth of what we already ‘know’ as well as newness in idea and expression. We honor the boundaries of the container so we don’t feel the need to ‘protect’ ourselves, we simply *enforce the boundaries*.

There is a natural feel of peace, abundance, possibility, joy, freedom, passion, nourishment, refreshment within this container.

Love and gratitude naturally overflow, naturally drawing in healing energies of grace and forgiveness. (Natural is key – that means our thoughts / actions / beings are not forced, they are flowing – again, an element of peace and abundance.)

Because there is acceptance, expectations and judgments simply slough away – often bringing along fear and doubt – leaving lots of room to breathe deeply and stretch as fully as one wishes (and to shine as brightly as you dare to).

All of this amplifies our trust in our inner knowing / intuition and our essence energy.

We feel connected – and we draw to us *comfortable connectedness*.

Class Format and Registration

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No Refund Policy

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When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises.  Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to *The Sanctuary of You* you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.

Thank You!

You took the time to read through this invitation – simply considering the idea of your body as a gift open doors (even if you choose not to participate in this ecourse). May you thank your self for reading, considering and opening doors.

Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone whom you feel will enjoy it.

Time and energy are precious – I appreciate your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,