Mother’s Day is a Celebration of Birth


Whatever you believe your origin is, you are currently in human form on this earth–meaning you have been birthed.

We each have a mother. 

You have an inner child whispering–sometimes screaming–for your attention, approval, appreciation.

How you treat this inner child in thought, word and action is a reflection of your mothering skills.

We are each a mother. 

Can you feel the connection?  We are mothers.  Each one of us.  

The disconnect occurs when our lens of love is broken, temporarily set aside or discarded as we choose to vest energy to labels and what we think they “should mean”.

We all agree, the gift of life is precious. 

May you look to your mother, wherever she is, regardless of external, and say “Thank you for the gift of life”.  May you look to your self, regardless of where you have been and say “Thank you for all that you have birthed”. 

Gratitude is the portal to grace. 

Grace effortlessly opens doors bolted shut. 

Celebrating the Spirit, Meaning and Joy of Motherhood

I received numerous emails about my Mother’s Day letter to my mother.   When we share from vulnerable space genuine connection occurs, energetic doors open, infinite possibility becomes real.  

Here a few articles written by my peers that celebrate the spirit of the word *mother*, the meaning of mothering, the joy of motherhood. 

It Doesn’t Take a Child to Make a Mother by Tracey Selingo

The Spiritual Journey of Motherhood by Lisa Erickson

Mom is Wow Upside Down by Claire Lopez

Dear life-giving, diaper-rash-soothing, hand-holding, homework-supporting, hug-wielding, attention-paying, boo-boo-kissing, carpool-driving, cake-icing, cheer-leading, broken-heart-soothing, middle-of-the-night-worrying, prom-dress-purchasing Mama: by Amy Oscar

I Love You Mother….Beauty of Woman by Kute Blackson – a beautiful video along with written message.

Complimentary Metta Meditation

My friend and colleague, Jan Lundy is offering a complimentary metta meditation  “Mothering Ourselves, Mothering Others” ; “the practice of metta cultivates self-compassion as well as compassion.”  Please click the link to register for the meditation.

May I ask, how do you celebrate the gift of life?  Is there a ritual, ceremony, consistent practice that you vest in for Mother’s Day?  When you share, we learn.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Unravel. Unfurl. Unfold.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    My mother was the neighborhood mother, looking after everyone, both child and adult. If you needed someone to help you or listen to you, Miss Iva was who you came to see. Somehow, I have inherited her position, except that my world is larger than my mom’s world, so my mothering territory is larger, too. People seem to come to me when they want to feel better about themselves and when they want encouragement and sometimes when they just want to laugh with someone. People seem to know that I can see the best in them when they can’t see it themselves. I can see all of the reasons why who they are and what they are doing is so important and why they should not give up on themselves or their dreams.. I think the reason this is so is because, first of all, I had such a great example to follow. Then, I also had to heal from a very poor self-image—–and therefore, I value helping folks feel good about themselves. It is a small job, but it makes me feel wonderful to help people see how amazing and valuable they are! I think it is one of my main purposes in life. Thanks Mom!
    Happy Mother’s Day, Joy! Enjoy every moment!
    Love and hugs!

    • Oh, I love this Jean, thank you for the beautiful gift of this reflection of your mother!

      What you share is overflowing abundance of spirit, love, joy, laughter…not a “small job” at all, but potent and powerful. Your energy is so enriching and enlivening, and I can see why so many people choose to connect through all of the ways you share–your art classes and laughter and open home and heart space.

      I love when we choose to celebrate that which our Mothers have passed on to us…thank you for amplifying the joy of this message, and this day!

      Love and hugs to you!

  2. Yes! Joy this is the reason for the day. Takes away the need to be adored or celebrated and balances the emotional. To all who have been birthed and all who celebrate life….

    • Wonderful depth to this, Barbara: *takes away the need to be adored or celebrated*…for *children* as well as mothers, for when we remove that need, we also release expectation and judgment, leaving us in a space of possibility. Love and gratitude to you for all that you reflect and share!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day Joy!
    Wishing u & your kids all the bliss and grace today & everyday.

  4. Joy,

    I love this recognition that we are all mothers. Now, our to the garden to mother the earth.

    • I hadn’t yet had the personal experience of having my own garden; I know I would absolutely love it–so I am living vicariously through you, Sandra! I am sure your garden thrives because you mother it!

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