About Joy and This Facets of Joy Community

Hi! Welcome to Facets of Joy – what I call *my heart space* on the web. 

Let me introduce myself, so you can get a feel for who I am and how I choose to live.

My name is Joy Holland. I am currently 45-years-old and I live in So Ca. I was born and raised in upstate NY in the land of apple orchards, rolling hills and lakes and spent a great deal of time with horses. I moved to Savannah, GA for college, then came to So Ca and have lived here for over 20 years. I love the consistent sunshine, year-round farmer’s markets and close proximity to the ocean (but also that I have mountains and forests to hike in when I wish). 

My new mantra (created October 2015) is “Aligned with love, audaciously luxuriating in infinite possibility.”

If you read that and your heart says ‘ooooh, yes!!!’….then I bet you are in the right space and we are going to have a blast exploring and celebrating energy, life and love together!

Well, what does my mantra mean, though? It sounds lovely, but let’s break it down and bring it into daily life:

  • I center into love, with gratitude – all that I share is with an intention to amplify heart energy, even in spaces that people say it’s not possible.
  • Infinite possibility is real to me – each moment offers a clean slate, a choice to center, open with and celebrate the love energy in the moment and experience the reality of options, even in spaces that feel constricted.
  • I understand and practice that I create this moment, and what is in it, and centering into love while opening to possibility means that I can (and do) experience synchronicity, blessings, fullness of connection, peace and joy – even in less than optimal circumstances. I look for and celebrate the love and possibility in everything!
  • I spent much of my life ‘surviving’ as I learned to understand then shift from patterns of being in abuse which resulted in not enoughness, along with self-judgment and a strong resistance to being in my body and being here on Earth. In the past few years, my intention has been on thriving, in all ways – which, for me, requires courage and trust to remember my divine dna and to connect and create with that as my foundation as I support and allow my heart whispers to blossom fully.
  • I live peace and possibility, in my body, in my home and in world, even when others choose to react and/or rail against or complain about life.

How Facets of Joy was ‘born’

Facets of Joy was ‘born’ in November 2011, during a period of great loss.

I had been blogging for several years before this through two other personal websites which focused on my daily life while living aboard a sailboat with my two children, then on what I learned about ‘unfolding your path to joy’.

While writing lights my heart, my true passion is energy work and I live intuitively on a heart-path, versus logically on a linear, goal-oriented path. Perhaps you may understand, then, that I don’t often know or have words to describe what my daily life feels like or specifically ‘how to do’ certain energy practices.

Part of my work, here through Facets of Joy, is to bring esoteric concepts about energy and spiritual practices, mindfulness and the power of presence with love and gratitude, down to earth and right into daily life. 

You may be wondering what I lost in November 2011. That’s fair!

When I was gifted Facets of Joy as a platform by my then boyfriend, I was losing: my health (doctors thought my body was rejecting my stomach), my full-time job at the hospital, my boat that we lived on, my new car, and then my boyfriend. Really, what I had left was my children and a heart full of love and faith!

Steps away from being homeless (with no family to ‘catch me’), I had a choice. I could take this beautiful gift I had been given and choose to create with it or I could ‘give up’ (understandable!) and stop creating.

I centered and kept creating. I knew two things:

  1. What I was physically losing wasn’t in alignment with my purpose and direction, so I did the inner work to center, open and ‘release’. Yes, there were moments of pain but there were also many moments of immense peace and joy, because I understood what was happening.
  2. Without a doubt, I wanted to keep my heart open, so I did the inner work to understand the energy coursing through my life, amplify my faith and keep creating and connecting even though I felt incredibly vulnerable in those moments.  

I kept my focus on love, peace, joy, grace, gratitude and from that space, I built (or rather, allowed source to build through me) Facets of Joy. 

Marketing Facets of Joy materials

When you become familiar with my energy, work and style, you will see that I don’t market in a traditional sense. Everything I do is heart-centered, so you won’t see a typical ‘sales funnel’ and I won’t add ‘urgency’ to my offers.

I invite you to consider what I have created, my intention for creating and sharing it and why I feel it might benefit you to participate. If your heart says ‘yes, please’, and it feels like something that will enrich your life, you will join in when it’s right for you. If your heart says you’d like to support my work through sharing the link on social media, then you will.

The feel of community is important to me, so I do lots of collaborations with subscribers in this community as well as my friends and peers.

I love holding space and I know how to do that well in small circles. It’s a gift that is a delight to share.

When someone steps into one of my circles, I want them to feel seen, loved and appreciated for what they choose to share.

So, my numbers (as far as subscribers and class participants) are relatively small in comparison with some of the well-known leaders in this spiritual blogging field. However, my reach is quite expansive because I’ve built genuine heart-connections with peers who have large communities and they support my work by sharing within those communities.

I also weave energetic practices into all that I share in life, and through Facets of Joy. It’s wonderful to ‘watch them work’, especially when so many people are choosing to follow a formula.

It surprises and please me that I can create with love and make a difference as I walk a heart-path in mainstream world!

This love, joy, peace, delight, gratitude is what I hope you feel as you spend time in this Facets of Joy community!

What I’d Like All Facet’s of Joy community members to feel here

It is my intention that Facets of Joy be a space where you feel comfortable and safe sharing  your voice, creative expression and life experience and that what you receive in return is:

  • inspiration to continue to explore your path.
  • encouragement to experiment with energy practices and concepts – bringing that energy into your daily life – play, work, relationships and your bank account.
  • instruction about practices of presence and techniques that open your heart and being to abundance in all realms.
  • appreciation for who you are and what you choose to share, here and in World.
  • reflections of peace and possibility, in all kinds of spaces and life experiences.

If you choose to participate in this community, I’m going to invite you to open your heart to share and that requires trust.

If you follow along as I walk my heart-path, I’m going to lead you into some pretty vulnerable spaces – opening to receive in, center fully and love as deeply as you dare (all actions we explore here) and that requires trust.

When you do open to share, to love, to create….that inspires me – far more than words can describe.

So, I want to hear from you (via email, comments on the articles, social media conversations) because I won’t know how any of this feels to you – if it enriches your life in any way or if it matters – if you don’t share with me.

About Me


I’m Joy Holland.

I specialize in understanding the energetic dynamics in a space (for example: your body, home, bank account, life path, relationships) and using that understanding to:

  • increase your physical and energetic peace
  • tap into to create with as you move through your day, so living in peace and with possibility becomes part of your daily experience, as you are, as your life is.

Which means….that you will feel comfortable in your body, and in all of the spaces you choose to be present in – which allows you to thoroughly enjoy life: creating, exploring, connecting, living!!!

I am naturally intuitive and empathic and I consider both beautiful gifts. As it relates to others, when you cross my path, are in my space, I naturally (without trying to) feel the energy you bring to the space as well as the intention in it – even if that differs from what you are presenting. I naturally feel your inner core essence energy and any fear weaving into it. I won’t ‘read’ a person without their permission, even though these intuitive ‘hits’ immediately arise.

I feel the essence energy in everything. This contributes to my overall trust in flow and in the unfolding of life as well as the great peace I feel as I move through my day.

I am a great holder of space as well as a listener – I listen to the energy in the space, words or expression being presented and experienced.

I am single mother of two teenage children – a daughter and a son. Together, we lived an amazing experience of five years on a sailboat and several years at the harbor – where we learned first-hand about unfolding, honoring intention and the concept (and power) of sacred containers in all areas of life. We moved back into ‘mainstream world’ and the kids now attend high school – we each are learning how to integrate these practices into ‘regular’ daily life.

Living as a single mother aboard a sailboat with two children tells you a lot about who I am, what I believe and how I choose to show up in world.


Part of my early family unit story is that my mom left when I was an infant and – who knows what is true, but this is part of what I was told – during a custody visit she took me, then kept me ‘underground’ for a few years while my dad’s family worked the system to find me, then legally bring me home.

My ‘side’ though is that I quickly learned my body didn’t belong to me and that I was a pawn in a power play spanning generations. I don’t have memories of that time – my first memory begins when the police officer escorted me from my mom’s car to my dad’s. And, then shortly after my new stepmom slapped my face because she asked me to call her mom and I refused. That was where the seeds of abuse were planted and remained until as an adult I learned to understand my patterning then shift away from it.

I don’t like to speak about my early years – although I share in workshops and if people ask me to – because it’s pain-filled. Narcissism was familiar to me – being on the receiving end of patterns of manipulation, control, emotional and physical pain – so when it came time to date and engage in relationships, I chose narcissistic men because it was familiar to me. They tend to choose women who are heart-filled and peaceful – so the patterning part was pretty much set. The living it royally sucked.

Although I was extremely popular in high school and college, I had considered my body to be a gift and was saving my virginity for marriage (much to my then ex-boyfriends chagrin!). During my first year of college, on Super Bowl Sunday, I lost my virginity to stranger rape. I was quite upset because on that day, I was wearing a long skirt and a long-sleeved shirt, so I couldn’t figure out why he chose me. He later said he wanted my smile.

It’s hard to honor your body as a sacred container, be naturally joyful *and* be afraid that someone will steal your smile; you can understand I had lots of pain and lots of healing to do.

I began to study the energy of pain. I understood innately from early childhood on, observing my parents, that someone in great pain causes pain, and that if I was in great pain, I would continue having great pain in my experience of life, until I chose to change something within.

I like to focus on the ‘goodness of life’ and the ‘blessing in things’ so the seeds were then planted for me to learn love. How to be, create and connect with love, in each and every moment.

To be ultra-clear, even with my desire to understand pain and know love, I would have remained in that patterning, had I not chosen to have children. Statistically, I should have died, and had many close calls.

To also be clear: While I am street smart because much of my family has ‘been on the streets’, I haven’t ever done drugs or use substances to numb my feelings. I did numb my feelings by attempting to ‘out-run’ them – running many miles each day wherever I was. I have been running since seventh grade and only recently stopped this year (2015) due to health limitations (which I’m okay with!).

During different stages of my life, I have lived with the extremes of chaos and complete organization; whole-being wellness and physical ailments and illnesses; so much money that my birthday outfit cost as much as two months of most people’s salary and so little money that I would literally count change and hope I had enough for something to eat in a day.

So, about my children. I was married, and we planned to have children.

I knew with my entire being that I wanted my children to have a far different experience of life than I.

I wanted my children to understand and know ‘peace and possibility’ with every cell in their being. I didn’t know how to create that, except to center into love and let it lead.

I knew to do the exact opposite of what was done to me as a child.

So, I learned presence with love and gratitude. I didn’t read parenting books because I didn’t want to ‘buy into stages’. Instead, I wanted to honor natural seasons, cycles and unfolding so I learned about them.

When I say ‘learned’, I mean I practiced being love. I looked to nature to see and understand seasons and how to honor them in daily life. I studied natural cycles of things. I practiced holding space and allowing for unfolding of each energetic thread in it. It was very much years of hands-on, experiential learning.

A few years later, I requested a divorce. We weren’t in alignment with how we wanted to experience life and how we wanted to raise the children. It was a scary time for me: I had remnants of Catholic guilt and shame and I had only faith to move myself and the children forward.

Remember, my mom had left me, so my one goal, always, was to be present to my children, so with my continued presence, even through divorce, I was breaking that pattern. I never wanted to be a single-mother and I didn’t feel capable of being one, so again, I centered into love and kept creating – and that is where I remain today!

You may notice two common themes in my life: lots of patterning of not enough and abuse balanced with this desire to fully understand and be in and aligned with the energy of love that courses through everything.

I was creating this home space that I now call a ‘sacred container’ for my children, raising them to know and understand peace and possibility, and then I began, through blogging and coaching, to share these concepts with world, but I still hadn’t turned them inward, to apply to me!

My biggest life-change and shift happened a few years ago, when I turned all of this inward and began mothering myself as I mother my children; loving, respecting and appreciating myself as I naturally love, respect and appreciate others.

Please note: I share my experiences not to place blame, but to reflect the powerful choice that we each have to shift from reaction to creation – regardless of what is in our space or our past experiences.

The consistent, abundant, peace, joy and love that I now experience daily is a result of a daily practice of presence – a series of intentional steps and a choice to experience life that is peaceful, joyful and fun.

If this is possible for me, then it is absolutely possible for you, too!

My Philosophy

I was raised Catholic, then shifted to Christianity and now Love is my religion. I began exploring and studying many different modalities in the spiritual world – sometimes through formal classes, often through reading and experimenting.

I have studied (and continue to study) extensively – many different healing and spiritual modalities and ways of being. I create practices of presence that are aligned with my own beliefs and values and I can create practices for others that are aligned with theirs. This is possible because I live and experiment with it all before I share it.

I have studied the major world religions, so I could understand them and also use this understanding in client work. I want to speak to you in terms you relate with and understand as we look at your patterning and how it affects the quality of your life today.

I have studied and weave concepts from these modalities into practices of presence and energy movement that I customize and use for myself and clients including but not limited to: breathwork, elemental energy understanding, Wiccan principles, mindfulness, shamanism, sound healing, chakra work, crystals, totemism, Goddess energy and Moon Priestess work.

I call what I personally practice: presence to unfolding within organic growth.

When we speak of unfolding, it’s a process of attuning to the energy around you and the variables in your space, while tuning in to your inner knowing (intuition) and essence energy (heart whispers) to crate and connect with in the moment. Then following that energy into the next moment.

Unfolding is a gentle, mindful, abundant way of living and being.

The gist of this practice is that I show up with attention and intention in this moment. I open my heart to celebrate the moment. I honor natural seasons, cycles and elements – tapping into this flow as I move through my day. I listen to my heart whispers and follow them wherever they may lead – while honoring the above.

So, I am consistently, daily, in new energetic space and often physically exploring something new as well. My commitment is to the process of opening my heart fully as I tap into flow.

This practice allows me to move with ease and joy and to feel peace and possibility – regardless of external.

Some call me a trailblazer – I truly ‘just’ follow love wherever it may lead. 


A Little About “How” I Practice

A little about how I practice: I center into full connection with Source energy. I engage my mind in learning and creating (and affirmation). This leaves my heart free to open as fully as possible to connect and create with love energy and gratitude.

I review my patterning and ways of being to understand how they came to be and if they are allowing me to experience fullness of life or have become a barrier. I do the inner work to dissolve barriers to flow and increase trust in the process. I celebrate the gift of this moment.

I understand my body’s natural reactions and I understand fear. I use that understanding to venture into spaces that some might call ‘dark’ because I want to understand that space as well. Understanding ‘shadow’ allows my heart to open further.

Because I honor the principles of centering, setting energetic intention and boundaries, I don’t shield or protect in the ways people speak of. I absolutely center deeper, shore up my boundaries and trust them to work (and they do).

I believe that love is an infinite energy; the only limits are the ones we place.  I believe that pain causes pain and that blame only adds more pain (yes!! to accountability and natural consequences and karma).

I believe in energetic resonance, meaning we draw into our space like energy, and that which isn’t ‘like energy’ naturally sloughs away.

I believe that our essence energy is stardust – when we wish to remember who we are and what we are made of, we may step outside and look to sky.

I believe there are many ways to create and play and explore and connect and I celebrate those differences – they inspire me greatly.

Oh…and I believe in magic and celebrating daily magic. The ability to see and celebrate light, beauty, joy, peace, abundance in each and every moment…and eventually to understand that everything you see, touch, feel, experience is *beautiful and light-filled* as is, no ‘fixing’ or ‘shifting’ or ‘re-arranging’ necessary.

The Purpose of Facets of Joy

The purpose of Facets of Joy is to to be a space where we can share and explore practices of presence and energy movement that magnify your inner brilliance and amplify peace and joy, in daily life.

An invitation: I center into love and gratitude and reflect peace and possibility – please share with me any experience and I will find and share with you that portal of peace. (Seriously…..please do – you may connect with me via email at joy@facetsofjoy.com and ‘test it out’ if you wish.)

Facets of Joy is intended to be a space where you feel comfortable exploring and experimenting; an experience of genuine heart connection and a celebration of your essence energy and unique talents and gifts. 

The structure of Facets of Joy is a bunch of small circles with shared interests which enable genuine heart connection and depth of exploration together. You show up because you are enjoying the experience and you find yourself exploring and sharing because you feel appreciated and supported.

In my writing, coaching, teaching and speaking, I will *always* focus upon:

  • the ‘positive’ in the experience
  • the ‘opening’ to peace and possibility
  • ease, joy, comfort, love, celebration, gratitude
  • whole body wellness and peace
  • honoring energetic intention and boundaries
  • gentle, kind words, movements  and practices to stretch through fear and vulnerability as you continue to connect and create

The key theme in everything that I share is heart energy: centering into, connecting and creating with, and celebrating the connector energy of love that runs through everything

You can follow along by updates in your inbox or just by checking in here at the site every day.

The photos on this site and my social media pages are my originals. I love celebrating natural beauty!

I weave energetic intention and chakra energy through everything on this site. I intentionally choose colors from the chakra system – to guide your mind and heart to open to the information and to allow your eye to skim, with intention.

This article “Conscious Creation” will give you a sense of “how” I create in life, and for this site.

This article “Walking at Water’s Edgewill give you a sense of who I am as a woman, creator, practitioner, and child of Universe. 

I am a conduit of love, passion, delight, beauty, grace, joy, gratitude, light, transparency, vulnerability, forgiveness, peace.

I invite you to savor the images; linger in all that resonates; refresh your mind, body, spirit, soul.

Dream walks by the shore

Ocean waves drenching my feet

An eternal joy.

Haiku written for me by Vidya Sury

If you read this page and find it *ethereal*, this is the truth of my being.  I know how to gather light and move energy and heal hearts; I’ve known this intuitively since I was able to “know” (a very young age).  My challenge is learning how to bring that here, to Earth, to embody it personally in my life and to share it in ways others may best receive.

For, if I tell you I am a heart healer, that sounds like a bunch of fluff – but, if you trust me and you allow me to know you, you will find that I will listen, I will feel into the pain you carry, the joy you are and you will feel inspired to open your heart a little further and perhaps to move from the space in which you no longer fit, to that which feels like home, while celebrating this gift of life. 

Please click this link for my Official Bio and Photo.

If you would like to connect with me about hosting an energy circle, workshop or for a speaking engagement,  you may email me at joy@facetsofjoy.com.

Much peace and abundant love,

Joy Holland

Disclaimer: The materials on my site are in no way intended to replace that of professionals trained in medicine and/or psychiatry or any other field; all that I present is supplemental material, meant to invite you to create a conscious conversation with your being and with World.